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Part of serving you and other progressive operations across central Kansas means providing top-notch, and up to date information about the topics and issues that impact you, so we have refreshed our website and resources to deliver on that promise. Take a minute and browse through the new website, I'm sure you will find many resources that will add knowledge and important information to your day.

What's the best way to view?

Our new website is optimized to be viewed on any device or platform that you choose. In the field and want to access our market updates or contact information? Pull up the site on your phone and enjoy a simple, easy to navigate mobile version.

We are excited to roll out our new site and the tools included in it, however we are continuing to develop and improve the site so if you encounter issues or have questions, please let us know. Call any one of our agents or the main line to get in touch.

We are excited to grow and continue serving your and your business!

Jacob Dailey

Agency Manager

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