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Poor Spring Planting Conditions

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

2019 Poor Row Crop Planting Conditions Reference Guide With wet weather continuing to impact spring planting progress our area and beyond, our agents have been busy fielding several questions about the options involved with replant and prevented planting claims. If the weather does not cooperate for planting as it seems it might, each of you will have a decision to make on how to proceed. I have outlined each scenario and the outcome of each below. Keep in mind that there are many considerations about whether a crop qualifies for a prevented planting claim and every operation has unique characteristics to be aware of. The main consideration is the condition and planting progress of other acres in your immediate area. There must also be a minimum of 20 acres or 20% of the crop acres for that crop to qualify for a claim. The best course of action if you are thinking you may want to turn in a prevented planting claim is to document rainfall amounts and take pictures of your fields during the planting period. This will help the adjuster to determine your eligibility for a claim.

Options & Outcomes Flow Chart (explanations below)

Explanations [Replant]

1. Turn in a replant claim and once approved, receive indemnity of roughly $30 per acre on eligible acres. Crop continues with full insurance guarantee.

2. A. Turn in a production claim and receive appraisal value, then the damaged 1st crop may be destroyed and a 2nd crop may be planted. Premiums on both crops will be charged and 35% of the first crop claim will be paid immediately, the remaining payment will be determined on performance of the 2nd crop. B. Turn in production claim and receive appraisal value, then damaged crop may be destroyed and an uninsurable crop may be planted. Full indemnity will be paid. C. Replant corn, acres planted after late planting period (Corn: June 14th) may be uninsurable and the timely planted acres will remain insurable. Contact your agent for details.

[Prevented Planting]

3. Turn in a prevented planting claim and keep ground bare or in cover crop until 2020 wheat planting. You will receive 55% of insurance guarantee on corn, 60% on soybeans and the full premium will be charged and no entry will be made in your APH database.

4. Turn in prevented planting claim and plant uninsurable crop to be hayed or grazed after November 1, 2019, no harvestable crop. You will receive full prevented planting claim and pay the full premium; no entry will be made in your APH database.

5. Turn in prevented planting claim and plant crop harvested prior to November 1, 2019 - insurable or uninsurable. You will receive 35% of the prevented planting claim and pay the full premium on 1st crop. If planting insurable 2nd crop – full premium due, no premium will be charged if an uninsurable 2nd crop is planted. A plug yield of 60% of the prior year yield will be placed in your APH for crop that was prevented from being planted.

Keep in mind that you do not have to make the same decision for all units. You may have fields that you are able to timely plant some acres but still have additional acres that fall under one of the above scenarios. You may also have two different fields on which you elect to follow two different scenarios. The prevented planting claim must be opened within 72 hours of the end of the Late Planting Period (Corn: June 14th), please communicate with your agent if this is something you may be interested in. If you have any questions, feel free to give me or any of our agents a call.

Jacob Dailey

Agency Manager

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